TOR is not unknown, but already enjoys great popularity among those who have an increased need for security and anonymity. With this basis it is not guaranteed that the Onion price will rise steadily. However, it is not unlikely that the DeepOnion crypto currency will hold due to its anonymous transactions and the coin will also be used. TOR is an already tested network and offering crypto currencies on this platform seems almost obvious. The coin should start the race with an advance of trust for those who are interested in anonymity. Perhaps the most important thing is to see buying DeepOnion Coin as a long-term investment, rather than looking for quick profits.

Bitcoin Revolution – Development – Forecast

The price started with a value between 60 and 90 cents on the stock exchanges. In the course of November 2017, a steady upward trend was clearly discernible and continued until the beginning of December. Here the price reached a value of more than 1 Euro per coin for the first time and for a short time even rose to just under 4 Euro. Until the holidays, the share price remained at 3 euros per coin.

This could have been the last opportunity to buy the DeepOnion Coin at a low price. At the end of December the ONION Coin price reached a value of more than 6 Euro. In January 2018 the crypto currency was hit by the general hype and jumped to 16 Euro within a few days. The coin then lost value when the stock markets calmed down again.

As far as the Deep Onion Coin forecast is concerned, the price appears to be stabilizing at a level above that of November last year. Probably the ONION coin will behave similarly to most crypto currencies and will also lose value if their value falls. It is also possible that the ONION coin will rise again and even surpass previous results. Basically, it is still too early to make accurate forecasts.

Create DeepOnion Coin Wallet
The safest wallet is the official wallet, which can be downloaded from the developers‘ website. Only through the official wallet can the network of the crypto currency really be used. The wallet can be easily downloaded and installed from the website. There are different versions for different operating systems. After the installation it took the wallet a while to synchronize with the network.

Where can I buy the DeepOnion Coin?

The number of online exchanges where you can buy DeepOnion Coin is quite small so far. Usually you have to exchange them for www.onlinebetrug/en Bitcoin or Ether, the purchase with Fiat money like Euro or Dollar is not possible so far. Cryptopia, Kucoin or Stocks Exchange are available for trading.

At the same time, the development is still in an early phase, the crypto currency was only announced in July 2017. Many new features still need to be developed and tested before the full potential of the coin can be measured, such as the extremely important function of smart contracts. Many aspects of the roadmap include making the crypto currency better known in the social media and launching campaigns for the mainstream media. In addition, the acceptance of the coin on shopping sites is to be increased. It remains to be seen whether the team will succeed in this despite TOR’s infamous image. Finally, the privacy of the anonymization service will also be used for illegal business and the operation of illegal websites.

Conclusion DeepOnion Coin
Some may have forgotten that the coins are supposed to be cryptographically encrypted digital currencies. The DeepOnion Coin wants to accomplish this core task of crypto currencies with the help of the TOR network. And although the development is still in its infancy, the potential can already be guessed.

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